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Why New Horizons?

New Horizons Aged Care Facilities Hervey Bay

At New Horizons you will get to enjoy a range of services with our premier aged care facilities Hervey Bay. Our team are extremely proud of the value, service and care we provide to our residents.

  • Fine meals freshly prepared on site
  • Fresh Linen whenever required
  • Complete independence in your own home
  • Security (village secured at night and managers living on site)
  • A range of community activities and functions, should you choose to participate
  • Companionship of other seniors
  • Your care and pharmaceutical requirements organized for you
  • Transport via the village bus

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We understand that it’s a major decision to move to a new home, so we welcome residents to join us for a trial stay at no cost or obligation so they can experience our aged care facilities Hervey Bay.

Call Dawn on 1800 465 500

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