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The Cost

You will hear that retirement and aged care schemes are expensive and complicated, but they don’t have to be.

Compare our structure with typical retirement villages or aged care facilities. We believe we offer wonderful value for money for aged care Hervey Bay.

Retirement and Aged Care Hervey Bay

New Horizons Other
Low Entry Fee (enjoy your funds in retirement)
One fortnightly fee covers all meals, services and costs of running the village (less than $200 per week)
No obligations on vacating villa unit
No complicated adjustments to reduce your Ingoing Payment (Contribution or Bond) upon vacating. (can exceed 30%)
No Refurbishment Costs upon vacating
No market uncertainty to resell unit after vacating (many units currently unsold in Hervey Bay)
No waiting for funds from resale – some units have been on the market for years
No ongoing fees payable to meet village expenses whilst unit is unsold

As a premier aged care Hervey Bay facilities, our team are extremely proud of the value, service and care we provide. We would be delighted to have the opportunity to have a chat and talk about the many benefits of New Horizons Villas and our aged care Hervey Bay facilities.

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