The Cost

You will often hear that retirement and aged care schemes are expensive and complicated, but we believe that they don’t have to be. We’ve worked hard to ensure that our payment structure is as simple and cost effective as possible.

Compare our structure with typical retirement villages or aged care facilities. We believe we offer wonderful value for money for aged care in Hervey Bay.

What you’ll enjoy at New Horizons

New HorizonsOther
Much lower entry fee than other Retirement Villages
All Meals, Costs, Services and Security covered in one low fortnightly payment
No hidden costs you pay only an Entry Fee and a Fortnightly Services Charge.
Upon vacating the unit, you will not have an obligation to pay for refurbishment
Upon vacating you will not be exposed to the problems of reselling the Unit which at other villages include:
  • Restrictive selling practices with some village operators
  • Potential long waits for Units to sell and settle (common in Hervey Bay Area)
  • Price uncertainty
  • Ongoing village charges as Unit awaits resale